EcoEclipse™ Amenity Dispensers and Brackets

EcoEclipse is an eco-friendly 8oz shower dispenser that delivers up to 60% cost savings. They're currently being used in thousands of hotel rooms around the world to reduce bottle waste & deliver better guest experiences. It's innovative design prevents bottle rotation to maintain a professional look for years and it's mold resistent plastic reduces residue build-up for easy cleaning.

  • The system includes a triple bracket plus one of each product bottle, pumps, adhesive strips and the applicable # of keys.
  • Installed dimensions: 7.75"W x 6"H x 3.25"D.

  • EcoEclipse Amenities Dispensers and Brackets

    Hotel amenities dispensers and brackets are a long-awaited solution whose time has come. The switch to quality hotel dispensers and brackets results in a 90 percent range of waste reduction. Furthermore, many vegan travelers choose hotel facilities that seek sustainability through environmentally-friendly initiatives.

    If you’re looking for dispensers and brackets for your guest rooms, we have highly efficient systems from well-known brands like EcoEclipse at Pineapple Hospitality. These systems are eco-friendly and deliver up to 60 percent cost savings. Whether you own or operate a hotel, spa, Airbnb, or other hospitality facility, EcoEclipse amenities and brackets can help reduce your bottle waste and enhance the guest experience.

    EcoEclipse hotel amenities and brackets are designed for high performance and easy maintenance. They utilize an innovative design that prevents bottle rotation, making it easy to clean and maintain a professional look.

    EcoEclipse Hotels Amenities Dispensers and Brackets

    ● EcoEclipse Amenity Dispenser System for Beekman 1802 Fresh Air

    ● EcoEclipse Amenity Dispenser System for Soapbox Sea Minerals & Blue Iris

    ● EcoEclipse Amenity Dispenser for Nourish Spa

    ● EcoEclipse Amenity Dispenser for Tommy Bahama

    ● EcoEclipse Amenity Dispenser for Pharmacopia

    ● EcoEclipse Amenity Dispenser for Earth E

    ● EcoEclipse Bracket for 8oz Bottles – Grey & White

    ● EcoEclipse Dispenser Key 10-pack

    ● Plastic Pump for Gallon Bottles 6-pack

    About EcoEclipse

    EcoEclipse is a premier eco-conscious brand dedicated to manufacturing products that improve performance and reduce waste that could end up in landfills. These dispensers and brackets are designed to meet the needs of your guests while protecting the environment.

    They come in various colors, sizes, and bottle types that can easily take on your business logo. What’s more, the packaging of these systems is made with sustainable and 100 percent recyclable materials.

    Order Your EcoEclipse Amenities Dispensers and Brackets from Pineapple Hospitality

    Need to increase efficiency and reduce waste in your facility? At Pineapple hospitality, we offer the most effective amenity dispensers and brackets from EcoEclipse to help achieve your business goals. Place your order today!

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