Pineapple Hospitality

Pineapple Hospitality

A Small Company with a Big Heart

If you’re here, odds are good you are looking for a change. You might be fed up with unreliable service from one of our competitors. You might be considering dispensed amenities for the first time. Or you could be looking for products that meet new challenges and fit new budgets. No matter what brings you to Pineapple Hospitality, we’re excited you’re here and we’re ready to answer your questions.

A Little Company With A Big Heart


We’re small enough to make sure your order doesn’t get lost in the shuffle but big enough to offer you the selection, sophistication, and staying power you need in a supplier. Our nimble and responsive approach to shipping and service earns us rave reviews from loyal customers we call friends.

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We’re picky, with a focus on the product categories that create value for operators while benefiting guests and the environment. Pineapple only offers the best options in those categories and we provide them at competitive prices. We approach this product selection process like shoppers looking for a ripe pineapple at a produce stand, leveraging our experience and relationships to make sure we serve up satisfying options that are ready to go.


Be Direct

Be Direct

When you buy from Pineapple Hospitality, you deal directly with team members who can provide pricing, answer questions, and solve problems without long holds or clumsy handoffs.

Direct means doing things right away. Our dedicated team answers phone calls in three rings or less and provides same-day shipping on 97% of orders. Our Saint Louis, MO area location allows us to deliver anywhere in the Continental U.S. via ground in 4 business days or less. We know you don’t like back orders. Neither do we. We ship 95% of our orders complete.

We’re direct with our manufacturers too, delivering the honest feedback and real operator requirements they need to keep improving their products.

Our approach to sustainability is direct, too. Our products are environmentally friendly by design, so they don’t require a charity donation or a special PR program to offset the waste or pollution they create.