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Pharmacopia Amenities


Natural... Organic... and Green


Enjoy this unique brand of natural and organic bodycare.


Green: Made with post consumer recycled bottles and all materials are recyclable. Organic: Contains certified ingredients Natural: Contains natural ingredients with authentic healing remedies Cruelty-free and vegan: No animal by-products, no honey, lanolin or beeswax Paraben and toxin-free: No synthetic fragrances, fillers or colours.

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  • Pharmacopia Facial Soap

    Pharmacopia Shampoo

    Shampoo, Verbena 35 ml Bottle / Flip Cap 200 pc.
    Item #: F-SHAM0933
  • Pharmacopia Shampoo

    Pharmacopia Conditioner

    Conditioner, Verbena 35 ml Bottle Flip Cap
    Item #: F-COND0933
  • Pharmacopia Conditioner

    Pharmacopia Body Wash

    Body Wash, Verbena 35 ml Bottle/Flip Cap, 200 pc
    Item #: F-BGEL0933
  • Pharmacopia Body Wash

    Pharmacopia Body Lotion

    Body Lotion, Verbena 35 ml Bottle Flip Cap - 200 pc
    Item #: F-BLTN0933
  • Pharmacopia Body Soap

    Pharmacopia Facial Soap

    Facial Soap, Verbena 30 gram Flow Wrap
    Item #: F-SOAP0933
  • Pharmacopia Soap

    Pharmacopia Body Soap

    Pharmacopia Body Soap, Verbena, 1.5 oz. Pharmacopia Hotel Amenity line...
    Item #: F-SOAP0934

20 Item(s)

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