Bumble and Bumble Lotion Hotel Amenities

We at Pineapple Hospitality aim to deliver a delightful, pampering experience to hotel guests all over the U.S. We provide hotels with high-quality, carefully formulated products to impress their guests and complete the whole experience.

You will find that the Bumble and Bumble lotion hotel amenities we provide are designed as part of an experience. They are formulated to delight the senses and complete a whole pampering experience with their look, function, and beautiful perfumes. Starting with our popular Bumble and Bumble Body Wash, hotel amenities from our BB collection share the same enticing scent and nourishing properties.

The Bumble and Bumble Lotion Hotel Amenity - Warm, Exquisite Scent

One of the most popular products in our Bumble and Bumble collection is the Super Rich lotion. Guests love its nourishing formula that doesn’t leave a film and the long-lasting scent. Bumble and Bumble lotion hotel amenities are instantly recognized for their warm, pleasing scent.

The top notes of the scented lotion are fresh and zesty (you will recognize orange, bergamot, and zesty greens. The scent evolves into deeper, middle floral notes like jasmine, rose, peony, and violet leaf, and ends with subtle, woody notes like musk, amber, and guaiac wood. It’s a balanced, discreet, yet charming scent that makes it highly enjoyable to use the lotion.

Our Bumble and Bumble collection is one of the most popular ones in our hotel amenities store, and we highly recommend browsing it for the complete set of products.

We are dedicated to providing only eco-responsible products. All our products are packed in recyclable bottles and are biodegradable. Any shampoo, lotion, or soap ending up in the water system is harmless for the environment and responsibly produced.

Bumble and Bumble Lotion Hotel Amenities, create the experience and Order Now!

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