Bumble and Bumble Body Wash Hotel Amenities

Providing guests with the most pleasant experience is a top priority for any hotel or hospitality unit. Part of the experience is being pampered with luxurious, high-quality body care products, which is why we at Pineapple Hospitality deliver the popular Bumble and Bumble collection all around the U.S.

Our top priority is to collaborate with top-quality brands that have a good ethic regarding their impact on the environment. It is why we chose the Bumble and Bumble body wash hotel amenities as one of our top brands. All the BB products are responsibly packaged in recyclable plastic, and are biodegradable, with no bad effect on the environment.

Bumble & Bumble Hotel Amenities

Our Bumble and Bumble collection includes lotions, shampoos, body gels, and cleansers, all meant to contribute to your guests’ well-being and fabulous experience during their stay. All the products are packages in recyclable plastic and have no negative impact on the environment, with all formulas being carefully created.

The Bumble and Bumble Body Wash Hotel Amenity 

A rich formula based on natural ingredients, the Bumble and Bumble Body Wash will surely make your guests enjoy every second of their time in their accommodation. The warm notes of the Bumble and Bumble Body Wash fragrance entice you to enjoy pleasurable moments and to make bright, happy memories.

To complement our Bumble and Bumble Body Wash, hotel amenities from the same collection are available on our website in the same convenient sizing and packaging.

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Select the size and quantity you need by visiting our website or calling us directly. We are happy to suggest the best option for your unit and to deliver it to you in a fast and convenient way. Feel free to browse our whole Bumble and Bumble collection, as well as other hotel amenities we provide for our clients.

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