The Nourish spa line lotion for hotels are an extremely popular choice for a reason: the lotions are made with high quality ingredients, the scent is an aromatherapy blend that combines Lemongrass and Green Tea notes for a fresh and lively scent that is pleasing to most, and it leaves skin feeling refreshed, radiant, and rejuvenated.

Additionally, and like all Pineapple Hospitality products, the Nourish spa line lotion amenities are environmentally conscious – great for our planet and your guest’s skin! Each lotion product is packaged in a biodegradable container or wrapper, meaning it can break down to its basic components, blending back into the Earth rather than sitting around and rotting in a landfill like most other packaging will. The packaging itself is even made out of recycled materials. With the Nourish spa line lotion amenities, your guests are not only getting a highly quality, effective product with a fresh and lively scent but an environmentally friendly one as well.

The Nourish spa line lotion amenities also come at a very cost-effective price point for hotels, resorts, and other lodging businesses. Pineapple Hospitality offers a 200 pack of Nourish spa line’s body lotion in 1 ounce bottles at just $54 – that’s $0.27 per bottle! You simply won’t find this combination of quality and value anywhere else. The Nourish spa line lotion amenities offer a high-end amenity package at a very affordable cost, a solid investment that can be a staple in your hotel or lodging service for years to come.

Overall, the Nourish spa line lotion for hotels offers guests a high quality and powerful lotion with a pleasing scent, hotels and other lodging businesses a cost-effective, yet high-end product their guests will love, and the Earth an environmentally friendly product that won’t contribute to enormous landfills. Shop our selection today!

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