Nourish Spa Hotel Amenities

When it comes to quality hotel amenities, Pineapple Hospitality provides the best products containing carefully selected ingredients obtained from the most natural and purest extracts.  Of course, you may not please everybody; however, you can impress as many guests as possible with our nourish hotel supplies.

At Pineapple Hospitality, you can find a full range of nourish spa hotel amenities to hydrate, nourish, and keep your guests happy throughout their stay. We have over 40 years of experience in hospitality operations and distribution, coupled with 25+ years of commitment to sustainable solutions for hospitality.

With the vast experience under our belt, you can count on us to supply you with the best quality, sustainable hotel amenities to make your guests happy. Our nourish hospitality products include:


Our nourish spa line of Shampoo for hotel businesses benefits both your visitors and the environment. This Shampoo is formulated with superior ingredients that give guests a quality cleansing and unique aroma blended with a great smell of lemongrass and green tea. Furthermore, our shampoo products are sustainable, and all come in biodegradable packaging that breaks down after use.

Our selection of spa shampoo for hotels includes nourish shampoo green tea, nourish conditioning shampoo, Nourish shampoo green tea gallons, nourish shampoo green tea one gallon, and nourish shampoo green tea tube.


Pineapple Hospitality’s conditioner is created from exceptional ingredients that offer a relaxing scent, complementing the great smell of green tea and lemongrass. This conditioner can help make your guest’s hair softer, relaxed, and easy to manage. Like our shampoo collection, our conditioner products are designed and developed to be environmentally conscious.

The conditioner products include the Nourish conditioner green tea bottle, nourish conditioner green tea gallons, nourish conditioner green tea tube, and nourish conditioner green tea one gallon.

Body Wash

Our sustainable body wash products for hotels can clean, nourish, and hydrate skin and are available at affordable prices. They include the Nourish body wash lemongrass bottle, nourish body wash lemongrass gallons, and nourish body wash lemongrass tube.


Our nourish spa lotion line for hotels is designed to make the skin feel refreshed, relaxed, and rejuvenated. These products include the nourish body lotion lemongrass bottle, nourish body lotion lemongrass tube, and nourish body lotion lemongrass gallons.

In addition, you can also find dispenser/fixtures, accessories like the nourish mouthwash mint bottle. We also have bar/liquid soaps, including nourish cleansing bar wrap, nourish refreshing massage bar flow wrap, and nourish renewing body bar flow wrap.

Looking for high-quality and sustainable nourish hotel amenities? Shop your favorites now with Pineapple Hospitality.

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