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Anyah Eco Spa Treatment

Anyah Eco Spa Treatment Collections are the premier choice for hotel amenities. Your hotel spa guests will truly feel pampered thanks to Anyah’s invigorating shampoos, conditioners, and body lotions. This luxurious guest room amenity not only contains the highest quality nourishing ingredients for hair and skin, but is also kind to the environment and free of parabens. Guests will know you care about their comfort when using these shampoos, conditioners, body washes, and lotions.

Anyah's packaging is designed to reduce CO2 emissions. Anyah was born from an ideal, that is creating products with proven efficacy on body and hair while guaranteeing environmental quality through the ecological certifications (ECOLABEL AND ECOCERT), in order to guide people towards sustainable consumer habits. THE ECOLABEL IS GIVEN TO PRODUCTS THAT RESPECT SEVERE ECOLOGICAL CRITERIA THEIR WHOLE LIFE CYCLE.

Give your guests the luxury treatment and order Anyah Eco Spa Treatment Collections now!

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  • Anyah Body Wash Doypack (1oz)

    Anyah Body Wash Doypack (1oz)

    Ecolabel certified body wash with nourishing hyaluronic acid
    Item #: DYP10-30BAY
    Quantity/case: 200 pcs
  • Anyah Body Lotion Doypack (1oz)

    Anyah Body Lotion Doypack (1oz)

    Moisturizing body lotion certified organic by EcoCert with rosemary ex...
    Item #: DYP10-30BLAY
    Quantity/case: 200 pcs
  • Anyah 20g Soap

    Anyah 20g Soap

    Ecolabel certified massage soap with jojoba oil
    Item #: B1820MAY
    Quantity/case: 300 pcs
  • Anyah 40g Soap

    Anyah 40g Soap

    Ecolabel certified massage soap with jojoba oil
    Item #: B1840MAY
    Quantity/case: 175 pcs
  • Anyah Accessories Set

    Anyah Accessories Set

    Includes shower cap, 3 cotton discs, 3 cotton buds, nail file, sewing ...
    Item #: K035AY
    Quantity/case: 140 pcs
  • Anyah Dental Kit

    Anyah Dental Kit

    Includes soft bristle modular toothbrush and 3g toothpaste sachet. 85%...
    Item #: E039AY
    Quantity/case: 320 pcs
  • Anyah Shaving Kit

    Anyah Shaving Kit

    Includes double blade razor and 6ml shave gel sachet. 85% recycled pap...
    Item #: E0310AY
    Quantity/case: 320 pcs
  • Anyah Shoe Shine Sponge

    Anyah Shoe Shine Sponge

    85% recycled paper + soy ink
    Item #: F031AY
    Quantity/case: 240 pcs
  • Anyah Sewing Kit

    Anyah Sewing Kit

    85% recycled paper + soy ink
    Item #: C037AY
    Quantity/case: 450 pcs
  • Anyah Vanity Kit

    Anyah Vanity Kit

    Includes 3 cotton buds and 1 nail file. 85% recycled paper + soy ink
    Item #: DE032AY
    Quantity/case: 450 pcs
  • Anyah Cotton Pads

    Anyah Cotton Pads

    Includes 3 cotton pads. 85% recycled paper + soy ink.
    Item #: D039AY
    Quantity/case: 490 pcs
  • Anyah Shower Cap

    Anyah Shower Cap

    85% recycled paper + soy ink
    Item #: C032AY
    Quantity/case: 450 pcs
  • Anyah Bottle and Soap Tray

    Anyah Bottle and Soap Tray

    Branded tray to hold 4 Anyah bottles and 2 soaps
    Item #: I07AY
    Quantity/case: 100 pcs

22 Item(s)

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